Mosquito Control Service in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E (2022)

Mosquito Control Abu Dhabi

A mosquito comes from a gathering of around 3,500 types of little insects having a place with the request Diptera. Inside Diptera, mosquitoes comprise the family Culicidae. “Mosquito” is Spanish for “little fly”. Mosquito season begins in the spring when the climate gets warm and goes through fall in most of the countries. 

Harmfulness of having Mosquito at Home

In one word, mosquitoes are ‘annoying’. There has to be many many points which show how harmful mosquitoes can be. Here are some points which show how a mosquito infestation might be harmful:

  1. They can transmit very dangerous diseases like malaria, and many others. 
  2. Some mosquito-borne diseases are – zika virus, la crosse virus, canine heartworm, etc. 
  3. They can ruin any birthday or barbeque party as they will intrude and start biting. 
  4. It can cause more death than any other insects on earth. 

Identifying Mosquitos

For identifying whether you have mosquitoes at your home, there are several ways and if so, you might need professional help for mosquito treatment and mosquito termination. The identifying key points might be:

  1. Look for standing water inside your home as they are the best places for mosquitoes to lay eggs. 
  2. You will hear a continuous buzzing sound around you particularly starting from evening till late night. 
  3. Mosquito bites are clear indications of possible infestation.
  4. Mosquitoes keep you up late at night with scratching and biting. 
  5. Look for possible infestations in shaded and dimmed areas. 

Mosquito Inspection and Treatment Service

When things get out of your hand, you definitely need a proper service for mosquito termination. The best possible thing to do is call up the best mosquito control service provider in Abu Dhabi. Let them know the details and they will pay a visit to your residence. Later on they will provide a detailed program on the extermination procedure of mosquitoes. Some points will be kept up to determine the treatment procedure like the type of place you are residing in, the main zones for laying eggs, the type of mosquitoes surrounding your residence and lastly the severity of infestation at your residence. There comes a thousand other parameters as well for a specialist to consider while making the right move. Many chemical and non-chemical substances will be designed to do it correctly. Hence, the best thing is to call up for professional help.

Mosquito Prevention

Once you have taken the service for mosquito control, certain prevention steps need to be taken as well to make the mosquito treatment effective. You will never want them to come back to your residence. Hence, the best thing to do is take necessary precautions. The following steps might be of some help:

  1. Eliminate all the possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 
  2. Remove standing water from tree pots and any places around your house.
  3. Fill up holes or moist soil to make it difficult for them to multiply. 
  4. Keep your windows and doors sealed during peak mosquito activity. 
  5. Screens with very tiny holes can be installed in every window to let the air pass and keep mosquitoes and other insects out. 
  6. Use insect or mosquito repellent to save yourself from the clutches of mosquitoes. 

Mosquitoes can be really annoying, not just at outdoor parties but also for late night sleep. After a hectic day, you deserve a good night’s sleep and mosquitoes do not have the right to take that away. Hence, to get the best possible solution, call the experts in mosquito treatment in Abu Dhabi and follow some simple steps to say goodbye to mosquitoes. 

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