Termite Control Service in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E (2022)

Termite Control

Termites are whitish in shading and do not have fragmented body parts like ants do. Termites remain covered up in conditions where they can remain warm and soggy. Since they have scarcely any capacities to secure themselves, disguise is their best safeguard. While they remain covered up, termites do leave signs. Numerous individuals mistake them for ants or accept they are a related animal variety to ants. They may appear to be like ants, however they are in reality more firmly identified with cockroaches. The main thing termites share for all intents and purpose with ants is that the two of them live in provinces. There are many different types of termites, all with different structures and characteristics. 

Harmfulness of having Termite at Home

Termites might go around hiding from you but they are not really very decent as insects. Here are some points which show how a termite infestation might be harmful:

  1. They bite and sting, which might not be poisonous but definitely painful.
  2. They can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.
  3. At times, health hazards occur from the chemicals used for termite termination.
  4. They can slowly eat away all the woods in your house without you even knowing about it.
  5. They can lead to foundation issues in a building which leads to cracked walls and weakening of the structure. 

Identifying Termites

Identifying termites is a hell of a task. You will never know you got tonnes of them until and unless they are done half destroying you. For identifying whether you have termites at your home, there are several ways and if so, you might need professional help for termite treatment and termite termination. The identifying key points might be:

  1. Check if you have irregular clicking sounds coming from your walls and furniture. Some might sound like munching your woods. 
  2.  Flying termites can be another sign that they are looking for mates and will be starting the infestation soon at your house. 
  3. When you see white ants around, do not mistake them for ants. Because they are not! They are termites. 
  4. Hollow sounding timbers are signs of termite damage. 
  5. Tunnels in wooden doors or furniture are good enough identification marks of termite attacks. 

Termite Inspection and Treatment Service

When things get out of your hand, you definitely need a proper service for termite extermination. The best possible thing to do is call up the best termite control service provider in Abu Dhabi. Let them know the details and they will pay a visit to your residence. Later on they will provide a detailed program on the extermination procedure. Some points will be kept up to determine the treatment procedure like the type of place you are residing in, the main zones for the termites to breed in, the type of termites living around your residence and lastly the severity of infestation at your residence. There comes a thousand other parameters as well for a specialist to consider while making the right move. Many chemical and non-chemical substances will be designed to make the right move. Hence, the best thing is to call up for professional help.

Termite Prevention

Once you have taken the service for termite control, certain prevention steps need to be taken as well to make the termite treatment effective. You will never want them to come over and start partying again at your residence. The following steps might be of some help:

  1. The best thing to do is reduce soil-to-wood contact. 
  2. Keep plants and moist soil away from the walls or your building.
  3. Try maintaining the exterior of your home like wooden windows and doors so that they do not invite termites.
  4. Mix vinegar with lemon juice and use it as a spray against termite. 
  5. Keeping a wet cardboard aside will accumulate all termites in a specific place and then you may burn that to make your house free of termite infestation.

Though termites do not give away poison or eat you up, they surely do a lot of damage internally to your house and furniture. They cost you a lot of money to get your house renovated and purchase new furniture. Yet the best way is to take the help of a professional in eliminating termites completely. 

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